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    These pages are supplied by users in the School of Computer Science & Informatics.

    The information in these pages is presented at the discretion of the user concerned. Some pages are experimental, some are recreational.

    Students doing Internet courses may also have Project pages visible within the School only.

    Staff Home Pages

    Alia I Abdelmoty

    Richard Booth

    Malcolm Brown

    Peter Burnap

    Martin Caminada

    Yulia V Cherdantseva

    Martin J Chorley

    Ian M Cooper

    Padraig Corcoran

    Helene De Ribaupierre


    Victor Gutierrez Basulto

    Amir Javed

    Matthew John

    Chris B Jones


    Hantao Liu

    Dave Marshall

    Christine L Mumford

    Alun D Preece

    Omer F Rana

    P L Rosin

    Steven Schockaert

    Kirill Sidorov


    Xianfang Sun

    Ian J Taylor

    Catherine Teehan

    George Theodorakopoulos

    Liam Turner

    David W Walker


    Jing Wu


    Research Students' Home Pages


    James Ashford

    Roberto M Dyke


    Aleksandra Edwards

    Sri Harikrishnan

    Liam Hiley

    Amir Javed

    Rhodri Morris

    David Owen

    Joseph M Redfern


    Joseph Singleton

    Harrison Taylor


    Year 1 Undergraduate Students' Home Pages

    Gheorghe Bujac

    Joseph Butterworth


    Sethu Pastula

    Year 2 Undergraduate Students' Home Pages

    Louis Davies-Cren


    Conor Mcsweeney


    Marley Sudbury



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    Lara Ashford

    Andrew Bolton

    Victoria Howells

    Alay Merchant

    Darren O'Callaghan

    George Slade

    Dylan Vincent

    Molly Wilson

    Year 3 and 4 Undergraduate Students' Home Pages

    Ahamed Abdul Kayee

    Ali Alolayan

    Elise Bailey

    Max Bateman

    Attila Bencze

    Bartosz Borne


    David Buchanan

    Miles Budden

    Martha Chittenden-Milton

    George Close

    Oliver Copleston

    Jack Furby


    Ieuan Griffiths

    Evan Hanson

    James Hodgson

    Karolina Hornikova

    Christopher Hughes


    Worawat Kimpara

    Bryson Kwan

    Joseph Law

    Cassie Magee

    Fraser Orr

    Kieran Parnell

    Andrea Pesigan

    Lewis Smith


    Benjamin Thornton

    George Whalley

    Alexandra Whitehouse Piper

    Charlotte Whitlow

    Joshua Wong


    MSc Students' Home Pages

    George Burke

    Kwun Ching

    Drake Deaton


    Nabeel Omer

    Arpit Patel

    Ivonna Prince


    Ruoyu Wang


    Other Users' Home Pages

    Recognition Project


    Any user in the School of Computer Science who has tried to publish their site but whose name is missing above should contact School computing support.

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    Who and How

    Staff and students in the School of Computer Science & Informatics may install pages on the 麻雀加速器官网安卓 web site.

    Pages here are visible on the Internet. There are 麻雀加速器官网安卓 which cover the content of this site. Read the Introductory Note

    that lists these and tells you how to upload pages to the site.

    Uploading Files

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    Another option is to administer your site with the web-based
    siteadm users website administration application. This is also described in a Note that you can access from the siteadm login page.


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    When you publish your site, your name will appear on this page. If you do not want that, you must not use the users web site. Look at the
    project server as an alternative.

    Click to make your pages available through this Web site and list your name on this index page.

    Click to remove your name from this page and disconnect your pages from the World Wide Web.

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